Monday, April 6, 2009

Take Your Time When Planning For Crisis

I read a blog today by Kevin Eikenberry that spoke about the need for companies to be wary of the negative effects that working too fast can have on their business ( Some of his lessons stated that "Speed kills problem solving," "Speed kills planning," and "Speed kills dialogue." This insight of how businesses rushing through things is often counterproductive reminded me of my March 27 post on planning for a crisis.

Crisis management needs to be well thought out. It takes more than one sitting to assess the different scenarios in which something can go wrong and to develop a plan to address them. When a crisis happens, it is true that companies need to respond quickly. However, a quick response unaccompanied by a well thought out plan runs the high risk of not effectively addressing the problem.

June Bisel
Partner, BBGG Advertising and Public Relations

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