Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ten Pins, a Heavy Ball, and a Great Time!

On my last blog, I told you about my favorite indoor summer activity, playing pool. Another good idea for a fun event with friends or family is bowling. Putting on the goofy shoes and hurling a heavy ball down the lane is a sure way to brighten up a dull summer day or night. If your friends or family are looking for bowling in Middletown, Middletown Lanes is an exciting destination. Personally, I am not a bowling enthusiast but I`ve still had great fun just going to the bowling alley with friends as they bowl. Middletown Lanes has a snack bar called Perky`s and Sully`s that I usually go to for mozzarella sticks while I watch the guys try to hit the pins. There is also a bar for the over 21 crowd. From 3-5pm, the price for bowling is $3 plus a charge for shoe rental. After 5 o`clock, the open bowling rate goes up a dollar or two. You can call them at 845-343-8121 for detailed pricing information. Wednesday and Saturday nights are Cosmic Bowling nights. I have gone to Cosmic Bowling and although paying the cover charge when I don`t bowl usually peeves me, the night usually turns out to be fun anyway. The black lights go on, the music gets turned up and the party starts. It is a great way to spend a night with friends and meet new people in the club-like atmosphere created by the low lighting and popular music. Wednesday night is Ladies Night for Cosmic Bowling when ladies get in for $5, and guys get in for $10 and Saturday nights Cosmic Bowling is $15 for all.

Another great bowling alley to visit is Colonial Lanes in Chester, NY. With its colorful, vibrant d├ęcor, Colonial Lanes is as much fun to look at as it is to bowl. Adult weekday prices for a game are $4.50 per person, weeknight prices are $4.75 per person and weekend/holiday prices are $4.95. Shoe rental is an additional $2.75. Colonial Lanes offers a bowling special for every day of the week. Friday and Saturday nights are their Cosmic Bowling nights with a $16 cover charge that includes shoe rental and 3 hours of bowling. Friday nights, Cosmic Bowling goes from 10pm-1am and Saturday night, it lasts from 9pm-2am. Personally, my favorite bowling special of theirs is the Sunday’s `Dollar Night.` From 8-11pm, admission is $5, each game is $1, shoe rental is $1 and they feature a special $1 menu. With tables set up right by the lanes, Colonial Lanes makes it convenient to bowl over a bite to eat. Speaking of food, Colonial Lanes makes it worth the empty stomach to come hungry with GW`s Sports Grill. This is a full service restaurant with reasonable prices on a complete menu that includes hamburgers, wraps, soups and salads, steaks and ribs. Don`t forget Happy Hour Monday-Thursday, from 4-7pm, and 3-7pm on Friday. GW`s Sports Grill showcases live music on Friday and Saturday nights and staying true to its name, their 8 TV’s are always tuned in to your favorite sports. GW`s Sports Grill is a must see for anyone planning on bowling Colonial Lanes.

Leave a comment below and tell us about your favorite local bowling alley.

Justin Peele, Summer Intern
BBG&G Advertising

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Staying Cool by Playing Pool

In the summer months of July and August, relaxation and time for venturing out of the house are plentiful. The summer heat of those months also brings the inclination to watch the hours drag by in front of the TV. Let`s face it. Nearly every show you watch can be seen online sometime later. Some of us can even Tivo them. Summer activities are often the reason you bought TiVo in the first place! But when its hot and humid and you`d much rather be inside, there are plenty of off-the-couch things to do in the Orange County Area. Finding things to do can be a bit frustrating without knowledge of what`s out there. Mustering up enough energy to peel away from the couch for an afternoon or evening will open up a world of opportunities for fun with friends and family.

One great activity to do with friends is shooting a couple of games of pool. Pool is a cool, casual game that guys and girls can both enjoy. Guys, don`t forget the classic, `Let me show you how to hold the cue` date move. Use with caution as it only works when it`s done properly.

A great place to play is Pop`s Pool Hall on Dolson Ave in Middletown formerly known as Classic Cue Billiards Club. Pop`s Pool Hall has recently moved from the old location on the second floor of the Playtogs plaza, to the building formerly occupied by Weidy`s Furniture Store. Although they are still renovating from their move into the new building, this is nothing like the shady, back-alley pool halls as seen on TV. Not what you think when remembering old episodes of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Family Matters. This is a family owned and operated billiards hall where you can take your family, or feel comfortable with your teenager and their friends going for a few games. I have gone to play pool plenty of times at Classic Cue at the old location. It has always been a fun thing to do with the guys, as well as with a girlfriend. I went to the new place with my girlfriend and a friend that came to visit from college, and it has the same charm as the original location. Although they have some work to do in polishing the aesthetics of the new place, it still has the same welcoming feel as it did in the old location. It costs just $6 per person/per hour on weekdays and $8 per person/per hour on weekends. Every Wednesday is Ladies night, when ladies play free when accompanied by a gentleman.
Do you know about any cool pool halls in your local area? If so, let us know!

Justin Peele, Summer Intern
BBG&G Advertising

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Great Weekend in Goshen

The Great American Weekend
It's a Goshen Tradition that gets better with age.

Hot and humid seems to be the forecast every Great American Weekend, but that just adds to the charm of it all. And, it's the reason that heading to Goshen's Ice Cream stand "What's the Scoop" for a chocolate shake after spending the day walking around the village green, meeting friends, eating philly cheese steaks, and shopping till we can barely walk anymore, has become a tradition for my family.

The Great American Weekend is held each year in the Village Green by the First Presbyterian Church in the center of Goshen. And every year there are more and more vendors making the event more interesting. For Goshenites, it's hard to take a few steps without running into people you know. But year after year, attendance seems to grow, and people from other areas of the county are drawn to this craft fair on steroids.

If you're not a craft fair person, don't be turned away, because this is more than a craft fair. It's a community event. A place where people gather, friends meet, and the exhibitors get to show off their talents. There are jewelery makers, sign makers, woodworkers, local artists and authors, flower arrangers, and even menopausal survival kits, to name a few. You can buy a raffle ticket from the local fire department, fund the Class of 2009 graduating class, support your local churches, go for a hay ride, a kiddie ride, and even see the local canine unit demonstration.

It's just an all-around fun weekend. And anyone who lives in Orange or a neighboring county and missed it, should make sure they put it on their calendars for next year.

The Great American Weekend is a Great American Tradition.
Now if we could only get back the Star Spangled Spectacular at Thomas Bull Memorial Park ....

June Bisel, owner
BBGG Advertising

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Feet Hurt? Where to Find the Perfect Shoe Fit

An article in the Times Herald Record called Bad Fit: Most of us wear shoes that are too small, provided a wealth of information about people wearing shoes that hurt their feet and stunning statistics about people wearing the wrong sized shoes. The article says that in 2005, Americans spent $2.3 billion on shoes. Out of those people who bought billions of dollars worth of shoes, only 1 in 10 women and 1 in 4 men bought the right size. The reporter spoke with podiatrists Dr. Michael Wodka of Middletown and Dr. Sharon Valencia of Goshen as well as Monticello pedorthist and shoe repairman, Rocco Bellantoni, gathering a myriad of tips and advice for getting the right fit in the right shoe.

However, with all of the facts and helpful hints, there is one crucial cornerstone of foot comfort that the reporter, Wodka, Valencia, and Bellantoni all neglected to mention. Where in the Orange County area does a person whose feet hurt go to buy shoes that will not hurt their feet? The doctors are right. Most department stores are self-serve, and most popular sneaker stores hire people without giving them the slightest idea of how a shoe is really supposed to fit. There are local shoe stores in the Orange County where someone can buy shoes and sneakers whose comfort are a step above what can be found in the department stores. So I think it would be a good idea to let you know where you can go to have your shoes fitted properly.

Groo`s Shoes, Athlete`s Action, and Frank`s Custom Shoe Fitting are three local shoe stores in Middletown, NY that personally fit each customer that walks through their doors with shoes and sizes that will work for them. Groo`s Shoes and Athlete’s Action in Middletown, are great sources of shoes and sneakers for the entire family. Under the same ownership, they sell the top brands in men`s, women`s and children`s shoes and sneakers in the sizes and widths that will fit every foot. They also sell innersoles that will provide arch support. And don`t worry if something isn`t in stock in your size because as long as it’s made by one of their manufacturers, Groo`s Shoes can order it. Frank`s Custom Shoe Fitting is another shoe store in the Middletown area that specially fits and sells running shoes. Frank, the owner and a certified pedorthist himself, also makes custom inserts for arch support that can be put into shoes and sneakers. Frank`s is also willing to order shoes for their customers if they don`t have it in stock. Both stores also work well with fitting people with diabetes into the proper footwear.

A person`s feet are the foundation of their entire body. When they hurt, everything seems to hurt. These local shoe stores work very closely with the local podiatrists and pedorthists to attain the highest benefit for the customer and make sure that every shoe is fit properly and comfortably. Do you know of any similar stores in your area?

For more information on the stores mentioned, visit their websites:
Groo`s Shoes and Athlete's Action:
Frank`s Custon Shoe Fitting:
Dr Wodka: