Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Small Business

It’s that time of year again - making personal promises to better our lives, kick those bad habits, or improve behavior. Maybe it is time to position your business for added success in 2013; make a new year’s resolution to enhance your marketing strategies. Here are some resolutions that are a must for this New Year: 

  • Identify and pursue new growth opportunities. Whether it is new products or new customer segments, how can you expand? Look at upcoming customer trends.

  • Spice up your marketing materials. Start with your website. Get rid of items that have the previous year’s info. Use bullet points to break things up and make sure all your links work correctly. Also, make sure your business cards, website, e-mails, etc. are all coordinated with the same theme!

  • Explore mobile marketing. Mobile internet will surpass traditional desktop use by 2014. If you haven’t done so already, use this coming year to explore mobile-friendly ways of advertising. Maybe an app?

  • Further your reach in the social media world. Social media is here to stay and if you have not made the dive into it, 2013 is the year where it needs to happen.  If you have a social media presence, commit to furthering your reach by making daily updates and interacting with consumers more frequently.

By knocking out your business’s 2013 marketing strategy now, you can set the tone to be one- step ahead of your competition. Thinking ahead and making strategic decisions now will help you skip the game of constant catch-up later on. 
If you are interested in learning more about ways to construct a 2013 marketing strategy for your business, give us a call. The BBG&G team has the knowledge and experience to get your business ahead of the game!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Incorporating The Holidays Into Your Brand

In an earlier post, I spoke about how important it is to not only be consistent when it comes to your brand, but it is also important to take a lesson from the Boy Scouts and be your brand.  With the holidays approaching, many businesses struggle with how to go about spreading some holiday cheer.  Do you say Merry Christmas? Or do you take the safe route and wish everyone a happy holiday?

The fact is your brand is a big part of your personal life as well as your professional one.  Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza or just nothing at all, don't feel guilty about extending this to your brand image.  You wouldn't hide this aspect of your personal life would you? Then don't feel like your business has to! 

At BBG&G, we love telling all of the people we work with about our Christmas stories and we enjoy sending out Christmas cards to our clients.  It's not offensive.  It's who we are! After all, aren't marketers always preaching about adding a personality to your brand image? Though we respect every religion, this is who we are and we are not afraid to tell everyone. 

Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwanza or just have a safe and happy day.  We look forward to hearing all of your holiday stories and to sharing some of ours as well.

Monday, November 26, 2012

E-blasting A Strong Finish to the Holiday Season

Every retailer has goals and objectives regarding their expectations for the holiday season.  Sales are predicted to be better than last year and retailers are anticipating 4% increases.
Although holiday shopping is predicted to increase over last year, what is your plan of action in case it doesn’t?  Black Friday is the day retailers are expected to go from the red to the black, but what happens if your weekend closed below what you were expecting?  It's be too late to launch an effective holiday shopping campaign, but there are some simple things you can do to drive sales in-house that can receive instant response in the market.
Social media is instant and targets people who already likely enjoy your product.  You can post special discounts and promotions to drive those existing customers back into the store.  Use this tool to remind them how much you value them as your customer and give them reasons to shop for their loved ones with you.  Use social media to push any new products you have and also re-educate your audience about the old ones.
By now you likely have a customer database of e-mail addresses for e-marketing.  Take time to set aside an e-blast contingency plan.  If your sales do not go as planned, you will already have a plan in place that takes just a click to launch.
·      Tie your e-blasting in with your social media
·      Encourage your subscribers to share your posts with their friends
·      Follow through with a few revised versions to remind your consumers
Planning ahead will allow you to instantly react to changes in the market.  While sales are predicted to rise over last year, there are no guarantees.  As we have seen through the recent hurricane, things can change at the drop of a hat and negatively impact sales.  Being proactive will give you the advantage over your competition.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Why #Hashtag? Because We Love It!

The first time I saw a hashtag was when I was a child watching Wheel of Fortune with my parents.  I asked what this symbol meant and my parents explained that it was the number sign.  Today it is so much more than just a number sign.  It has become how we index the happenings in our day-to-day lives.  I’m not sure how this trend came to play such a big role in social media, but I am pretty sure we have #Twitter to thank for it. 

Retailers are scrambling to incorporate hashtagging into their social media campaigns.  Why?  Because it allows them to track how many people are talking about them and respond accordingly.  It gets their names out there with little expense to the company; and if they are smart, they have recruited all of their team players as official hash-taggers of their brand.

One of the biggest hashtagging platforms right now is #Instagram.  Users are indexing pictures everyday with this tool to gain followers and stay on top of trends in products.  We have emotional attachment to the things that we purchase and can’t wait to show it off to our friends — and in many cases, even strangers.  If I want to see who is wearing the latest #ALDO shoes, I can do so by searching for the hashtag on Instagram.  Perhaps by doing so, I have also obtained some inspiration on different looks and styles.  This also gives people the opportunity to interact with others that have similar interests.

Employers are starting to encourage employees to use their social media in the workplace and employees are jumping on the opportunity.  They are excited to not only keep up-to-date on their viral connections throughout the day, but also to be contributors to their brand.  This is especially true for retailers in the fashion industry, where the employees have a passion for the products they are selling.  After all, that’s why most of them started working there. Well, that — and to get the employee #discount as an added bonus.

Marketing strategies are evolving on a daily basis, especially when it comes to social media and mobile technology.  If your target market has gone social, then you had better embrace the change. Resistance could result in the extinction of your brand.  Encourage your employees to interact with you and on your behalf.  It strengthens their loyalty to you and further builds on the foundation of your business.  And you will find that the younger members of your team really enjoy it!

Jump in with two feet first and have some fun!  #Just #don’t #get #too #hashtag #crazy!  Though a hashtag is now more than just a number symbol, too many of them can put people off and the right amount can help increase your customer base and have a positive effect on your overall sales. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Branding Is So Much More Than A Product Thing

Over the past 2 weeks conducting business in New York and surrounding areas has proven to be very difficult.  Sandy blew through and really changed the way many of us live our lives in a matter of just two days.  In the worst cases, many lost their homes and even some their loved ones.  In some of the better cases, people were stranded with no gas for their cars and their candle lit homes — most campers live in more luxury.  Fortunately, things are starting to get back to normal and ‘business as usual’ for most. 

Just about now you are probably thinking, how is this going to transition into a blog about branding?  Well, as the title says, branding is so much more than a product thing.  Our televisions and newspapers were swarmed with news coverage about organizations like the Red Cross, FEMA, Salvation Army, etc.  These are organizations that have done a great job in branding themselves.

I stopped at a rest stop the other night and came across a slew of Boy Scouts.  I instantly had a feeling that they were out in some community lending a helping hand in the hurricane relief.  Upon my conversation with a few of them, my suspicions were confirmed.  What I did not realize is that they came all the way from New Hampshire to offer their assistance. Four pick-up trucks each with a loaded trailer and a caravan of minivans and SUV’s brought these young men down to Staten Island where they waded through about a foot of water to bring supplies in and then stayed and cooked until it was all gone.  I was quite impressed and it definitely brought a few tears to my eyes when I heard their story.

Why did the Boy Scouts drive so far and do what they did?  They did it because it’s not just how they market their brand, it’s because they practice and preach their brand.  They live every day by their oath and live by their slogan.  It really makes me proud to have gone through the program when I was a kid.

Taking a lesson from the scouts, we have to be our brands!  What are your core values?  What is the image you want to portray?  Incorporating these elements of your brand into your daily life will only create strength in your products and further strengthen the core of what your business is about.

Richard Kurisko
BBG&G Advertising

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

As the Fall Leaves Have Changed, Brand Identity Should Stay Consistent

Decreased consumer spending and a loss of leisure time have made travel a luxury for some. Yet people still feel the need to get away, so there is vast opportunity for destination brands that promise a unique and desirable experience. Where can you find this edge? The answer is brand Identity- the concept is simple, but most do not know where to begin. Staying true to your identity across every business platform creates a strong brand that can thrive and survive in these times.
The consumer needs to receive a deliberate and consistent message at every contact point with your brand to avoid confusion. If a consumer picked up your brochure it should look and feel your website, Facebook, etc. People choose places that are recognizable for the reason that these places appear known, established, and trustworthy. Some destination brands lack cohesiveness in their image because they try new things too often. You may be tired of seeing the same colors and layouts, but your potential customers may just be starting to grasp your unique identity. Keep with it and the payoff will arrive.
Consistent brand identity gets everything working together thus your social media, website, ads, employees and materials reinforce, strengthen and amplify one another. The sum is greater than the parts.  Only then will consumers experience a unified, consistent, and powerful sense of your brand far beyond the actual dollars you spend.
Someone needs to be ensuring that your elements are consistent from one media to another.  BBG&G takes our customers logo, print materials, advertisements, photos and ideas and creates an integrated brand identity. The end product strategically reinforces the message and desired public image, both visually and contextually. There’s a great story to be told about your travel or destination brand. Do you know how to tell it?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

‘Fall’ into the Hudson Valley

Coppery colors, a cool autumn breeze, infinite activities, family and friends enjoying themselves; there’s no need to imagine a place like this. The beauty of the Hudson Valley is upon us. And, for you city-dwellers, the Hudson Valley is close yet far enough away to escape.
Mowhonk Mountain House
 I was not surprised when I read that the Hudson Valley is one of the top ten most visited places in the U.S. All of us here at BBG&G enjoy living and working in such a celebrated part of the country. As a firm with extensive experience in destination marketing, we have done our research about tourism in New York. When it comes to marketing the Hudson Valley, it’s almost natural for us. It is something we love talking about.
Everyone’s vacation desires can be fulfilled in The Hudson Valley. That’s why I adore this region. The Hudson Valley provides activities for the adventurous: hiking, biking, camping, horseback riding, tubing, kayaking, white-water rafting, skiing, fishing and more. There are also more relaxing things to do like wine tasting, shopping, and antiquing. This time of year there are a lot of family activities like apple and pumpkin picking, fairs and festivals. And how could you forget the Walkway over the Hudson! It’s the longest pedestrian bridge in the world and you’ll be in the heart of fabulous fall flora above the Hudson River as you watch the passing boats beneath.
Culinary Institute
My personal favorite thing about the Hudson Valley is the dining. This region is a foodies dream come true. The Hudson Valley is filled with healthy, fresh farm-to-table restaurants offering a culinary experience that will appeal to everyone. We even have the world-famous Culinary Institute of America right in our backyard! Options are endless.
When it comes down to it, a weekend outing won’t be enough to see everything in the Hudson Valley, but it’s a good justification to come back again and again. I truly feel lucky to have un-covered the majestic Hudson Valley and still awe at the Catskill Mountains and Hudson River views. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Facebook Advertising by Gender – Why Are Men So Cheap?

Advertisers are far more likely to target by age and location than by gender but new studies are showing that gender targeting for Facebook ads will get you more bang for your buck. Facebook, the largest social networking tool in the world, is dominated by women. But, more companies are spending the majority of their ad money specifically on men. How come?
Men click on ads more often- 60% of them to be exact. While only 40% of women click. Due to this higher ‘clicking’ men are less expensive to target. The average cost per thousand ads is only sixteen cents for men; women cost twenty cents.
Men deliver better exposure rates and click through rates than women and it increases their value for marketers. Don’t get me wrong, women are worth spending money on too! They LOVE interacting with brands on Facebook, your ads just have to be more relevant and eye catching.
The evidence comes from how and why men and women use Facebook. Women use it for maintaining existing relationships and usually have an agenda. Men look for making new relationships and have a shorter attention spans thus leading them to be distracted by relevant advertisements. (I know it’s tempting, but bite your tongue ladies) You can reach more of a unique audience when targeting men.
If you are a brand or company that serves men and women, general advertising is not the route to take when it comes to Facebook. Gender targeting is a lot more effective and will boost ROI.  Use different colors, text and images to obtain the attention of a particular gender. While it is clever to spend more money reaching men with Facebook ads, don’t forget about the other 58% of Facebook users!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Future Of Marketing …. The Basics Stay The Same

As marketers, we are utilizing online & digital advertising/marketing more than ever before — and it’s great!  It’s easy, however, for businesses to get too caught up in the digital world and forget the basics of marketing: to be where your customers are.
While it is important to have an online presence, a key aspect of our job as advertising professionals is to keep our clients focused on the use of an integrated marketing mix — because, let’s face it, our customers don’t live online. The use of both traditional and social media is the key to a successful campaign.
An example of an integrated marketing mix may include the use of television and radio advertising supported by print and online ads, public relations, and social media.  While radio and television ads will reference your website and social media involvement, anything online will link to each other, providing your customers with a real sense of who you are and the benefits of your product or service.
Speaking of traditional advertising, there really is nothing traditional about TV advertising these days. Many consumers now watch commercials on YouTube, while others buzz through them on their DVR. The ads that are really making a comeback and are the future of advertising are the product placements, the sponsorship ads, and the 2-4 minute ads that truly entertain while delivering a soft sell.
Whether you are advertising in the yellow pages, the local paper, or on your local radio, all media now has online advertising to complement your traditional advertising. So, while speaking with your media representative, ask about any PR or online advertising opportunities that can work hand-in-hand with your traditional media buy.
As we look to the future, some still feel that social media is just a fad. We don’t agree. Will things change? Of course! They always do. The scales of social media have tipped strongly to high usage. It’s only normal that they will tip back and forth for a while. But social media is here to stay.
Mobile technology also provides unique opportunities for advertising. When you download an app, you are asked if you would like to allow push notifications. More often than not, we enable this because after all, what would happen if we missed the latest comment on our Facebook status? Ever been lost and pulled up your map app to find local businesses are labeled right on your map? These “conveniences” are new ways to market your business. If you are not taking advantage of them, your competitor has the advantage.  
McDonald’s is already utilizing social media to push notifications to users based upon their location and their preferences. It’s only a matter of time before others jump on the bandwagon and even more innovative uses of social media will be found.
As social media and mobile technology advance, it won’t be long before a “typical” ad campaign may look more like this:
Television advertising including product usage and placement, radio ads with sponsorship community service tie-ins, online advertising and public relations through your traditional media sources, social media specific to your target market, mobile apps with push notifications, and geo-based mobile advertising.
Gone are the days of going home to watch some TV at the end of the day.  Consumers are now utilizing 2-5 devices at once now — television screens, computer screens, tablets, smart phones …. The list goes on.
Have two minutes to kill in the middle of the day? There’s an app for that!
If you don’t believe us, just ask Siri.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Holiday Shopping Already?!?!?

With back to school shopping wrapping up, retailers are starting to get in gear for the holidays.  Seems early?  When you’re trying to get the upper hand on your competition, it only makes sense.  Malls are dying out and everyone is grasping for the pieces of straw before the retail giants turn into fossils.
If you are like me, then you love to go to the mall just to walk around out of the pure enjoyment of shopping.  But with the economy in its current state, it is not the frequent pleasure trip that it used to be for many.  This is why retailers have turned to the web to drive sales.
This year more than ever, I believe you will see a huge increase in digital advertising among retailers.  It takes a matter of minutes to get into the minds of your audience at an extremely cost-effective price.  Sales are down for the week?  Give consumers a reason to come in with an extra 15% off their purchase.  What’s even better about this?  You don’t even need to print the coupon anymore; you can just show your Smartphone!
Though sales across the board were up in 2011 from 2010, online sales touted a record-breaking 15% increase in November and December, totaling 37.2 billion in revenue.
Why do I think this number is going to rise?  Well, there are a few reasons.  First, we all know the best advertising is word of mouth.  All I heard last year was about how much money everyone saved online.  Why the better discount online?  For starters, it costs less money to run a website than it does to run a store.  It cuts down overhead and payroll expenses.  This is why we see “web exclusive” deals.  Retailers can offer discounted prices online compared to what they would have to charge you in a retail location.
Though the price of the products is lower, there is actually higher markup for retailers to sell their products online.  Not only that, but they are no longer limited to a geographic area.  Reach becomes virtually endless through online, mobile and tablet advertising, and the cost per customer becomes much less.
Guest Blogger: Rich Kurisko 
The good news for shoppers — Black Friday lines should be shorter for all the early-rising, thrill-seeking bargain hunters.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Creative, resourceful and simply ingenious!

Those are only a few adjectives to describe the mobile campaign that McDonald’s has put in place and we have discussed this week.

The mobile website and app are direct and straightforward which makes it very appropriate for mobile devices and busy consumers. They provide a unique and creative way to distribute and redeem coupons, as well as entice consumers into McDonald’s restaurants, gaining them more burger sales.
While we move forward into an era of high technology and consumers who want more, mobile is the way to attract new customers, as well as retain and reward old ones.

Kudos to McDonald’s. It’s always fun to watch the big brands do a bang-up job of promoting their brand!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

McDonald’s Winning Mobile Ad Strategy

Smartphone use is rapidly growing and 9 out of 10 people say they notice mobile ads.
McDonald’s is promoting the new triple cheeseburger on the Rolling Stone mobile website. The ad reads “Spend Less. Taste More” and features the McDonald’s logo as well as an image of its triple cheeseburger. It is simple and eye-catching and when selected, consumers are redirected to a location finder to feed their indulgences.
What I find to be a clever addition to the mobile ad is the Twitter icon that leads to the McDonald’s Twitter landing page. By adding this social network element into the ad, McDonald’s is giving consumers an opportunity to continue a relationship with them.
Another McDonald’s mobile ad that caught my eye was for the Blueberry Banana Nut Oatmeal, a new breakfast product. What’s makes this ad a ‘winner’ is that it is being promoted mainly on Us Magazine’s mobile website. Research shows that people are most likely to read this magazine during the morning hours. Promoting the new breakfast item within a magazine mobile website that has the most traffic in the AM hours is considered a good marketing strategy in my book.
By clicking on the breakfast ad, the smartphone user is able to locate the nearest McDonald’s and obtain mapped directions from their current location. Consumers can do all this without even leaving the mobile website they were initially on. Now that’s trouble-free!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Augmented Reality adds computerized graphics and sounds to the natural world as it exists. It matches what you are actually viewing in the real world with a virtual, computer generated scene, adding extra information to what your eyes actually see. It has been around for a while but recently it is being used to give consumers a unique personal experience.

Last year McDonald’s launched an augmented reality campaign that aimed to increase Happy Meal sales by engaging consumers via a Smurfs promotion. McDonald’s created a mobile Smurf game that, when inside a McDonald’s location, came to life. Smurf avatars decorated the restaurant and unlocked additional Smurf fun for consumers.
Kids were able to turn themselves into Smurfs and take part in the game to help garden with Papa Smurf. Kids learned what plants need to grow and practiced this knowledge by taking care of the digital plants on the screen.
Why did this work? In-restaurant signage brought the individuals’ game to life. That is pretty incredible. Kids were able to ‘Smurf-ize’ themselves and see themselves on screen. The whole Smurfs campaign, from the mobile game, to signage, to the Smurf Happy Meal toys were flawlessly integrated, therefore creating growth and higher sales of Happy Meals.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gaming in the Marketing World

Implementing game-centric design techniques into a marketing campaign is proven to work if incorporated fittingly. Gamification allows brands to deeply engage with its users within an entertaining platform — building participation and trust.

McDonald’s recently ran a mobile ad for a word scramble game that incorporated dollar menu items. In addition to learning about the dollar menu items while playing, users can also find the nearest McDonald’s location. The ad for the game was promoted on popular iPhone apps.
The ad encouraged users to test their McDonald’s knowledge; “You make smart choices every day. Like thinking before you speak and buying the McDouble. Show off your smarts at McDonald’s.” After unscrambling a word, users can share their score on Facebook, which facilitates spreading the word about the McDouble promotion. Users can also browse the dollar menu to see the different items with a picture and description.
What worked about this game? McDonald’s challenged people by asking them to test their knowledge. Not only were people playing the game, they were also learning about products. By capturing people’s attention with this amusing game, consumers were inadvertently thinking about the products. When the consumer later thinks about grabbing a bite to eat, McDonald’s is top of mind.

Monday, August 6, 2012

McDonald’s Moving Mobile Series

McDonald’s — one of my very favorite brands — is dominating mobile marketing and leveraging the power of cutting edge location-based services (LBS) technology. And, while doing so, they are also respecting and harnessing the great power of consumer preference.

Mobile marketing is the latest technology that businesses of all sizes should take advantage of.  McDonald’s has undoubtedly picked up on this. They have created a 360-degree mobile strategy that has a solid following base.

Their mobile strategy includes mobile advertising, a mobile website, a mobile app, gamification, and augmented reality. Throughout the course of this week I thought it would be fun to discuss these five factors that make McDonald’s mobile strategy so victorious, as well as include tips on how your business can do the same.
Chapter 1: Mobile Website and Application
On the McDonald’s mobile website, consumers can learn the nutrition of all menu items, look at job openings and find a McDonald’s nearby. This restaurant finder, when selected, will navigate you turn-by-turn, to the closet restaurant. This tool was great on our recent trip to Maine!

McDonald’s has looked at the main consumers they are serving, people who want FAST food (aka busy consumers), and has made a mobile website that is uncomplicated and incredibly easy for busy people to use. By using LBS, McDonald’s is able to drive in-restaurant traffic, and ultimately, increase sales.

The mobile app has the same features that the site does. It can be downloaded easily on iPhone and Android smartphones. My guess is that since eight million people have already downloaded this new app, consumers are finding it pretty effortless and beneficial.

McDonald’s is gaining incredible insight from the users who download this app. Classic paper coupons are hard to track, but linking a coupon from a mobile device provides practical information businesses can use to understand the habits and preferences of their customers. In return, McDonald’s develops highly personalized promotions that market specific menu items and restaurant locations at preferred times of the day for that customer and sends it right to their phone. The customer is more likely to redeem the coupon because of its personalization. This could never be achieved through plastic membership cards.

Some still view mobile as just a smaller version of the web and overlook the benefits of being able to walk around, while online, with a device that can pinpoint where you are.

Businesses should start thinking about utilizing a mobile app or creating a mobile friendly website now — because by 2014, mobile search is expected to far surpass desktop search.

Don’t let your business get left in the dust, embrace mobile technology!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Making Bed Bugs Our Business

It seems as though the last couple of years we have been hearing a lot of chatter about bed bugs.  One would think this something that would be of concern for an exterminator, but in fact many people have been making bed bugs their business.  Dogs are now being employed to sniff them out, lawyers hired to hold landlord accountable, doctors are staying informed to learn about signs and risks of these pesky insects and now even we have made bed bugs our business!
BBG&G is a full-service advertising agency servicing business from various industries.  As we do with any new client, we immediately dove right into the research phase so that we could learn everything there was to know about bed bugs.  I’ll be the first to admit, there were times that my skin started to crawl just by reading about them.  Through this learning process, I was definitely glad to know that there are resources like Discovery Dogs, which can be used to leverage the upper hand against these nuisances.
Not So Fun Facts That Will Make You Itch
New York City ranked first place in the nation for the city most infected with bed bugs in recent years, according to the world’s largest pest control company. But 2012 has Philadelphia topping the list, while New York City gladly takes third place thanks to certified bed bug sniffing dogs like Daisy, Midas, and Tater from Discovery Dogs.

Bed bugs are parasites that typically live in beds and furniture, preferring to feed on human blood. They have made a comeback this past decade due, in part, to the increase in world travel and globalization. As bed bugs are nocturnal, victims are bitten while asleep — often unaware. Depending on your skin’s sensitivity to the bites, some infestations may go unnoticed. Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to detect and many people find them horrifying, but they do not carry disease and actually pose less of a threat than mosquitoes. 
The Good News
Our client, Discovery Dogs was founded in 2009, when owner Lee Browning Jr. noticed that effective detection services and education were lacking, while bed bug infestations were becoming more prevalent. Still today, the general public’s knowledge on bed bug breeding habits, hiding places, their detection, and methods of extermination needs improvement.  Discovery Dogs has made it their mission to educate and empower homeowners, property managers, and anyone needing to identify and manage the presence of bed bugs. Their team handles the screening and detection process quickly and discretely. If a plan for extermination is required, it can be implemented immediately.

Bed bug sniffing may not be a career with much prestige, but at the end of the day, these canines’ posses a skill putting them in an elite category among their peers.  Canine inspection combines the skills of trained and certified dogs, with an experienced handler, to inspect suspect areas for potential bed bug infestation. A handler focuses on specific target areas for infestation, but will direct the canine to inspect all areas for varying degrees of time. These inspections are commonly conducted in hotels, hospitals, and other areas with community bedding and furniture such as dorm rooms, cruise ships, automobiles, and planes.
The training of the Discovery Dogs is identical to the training used for the detection of explosives and narcotics. While the accuracy rate of canine detection for bed bugs is very high, results are based on the handler’s ability as well as the ability of the dogs.
Tater may not be the first name that pops in your mind when you think of a super hero, but I am sure that there are plenty of New Yorkers that feel he has saved the day.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Why it Pays to Hire a Marketing Agency

OK, I know you’re not supposed to use a blog for sales purposes, and if you are a regular reader, you know that we usually never break this rule. 
But, I came across some research recently that, as I share with you, makes it so easy to segue into a sales pitch for BBG&G. So, if you’re not interested in a sales pitch, skip the last paragraph. But, don’t skip the main part of this blog, as it contains information that could prevent you from wasting your marketing dollars.
According to research done by Corporate Visions, and based on a poll of more than 440 b2b salespeople and marketers, findings show that: 
·      80% of Business-2-Business professionals say their marketing campaigns are ineffective. 
The reason given for the ineffective campaigns:
·      Lack of content that is relevant to customers
·      Copy isn’t provocative or engaging
·      Lack of alignment between sales and marketing
Overall, campaign messaging lacks customer focus. Are you focusing on your own company's products, features, and services, rather than focusing on your customers' wants and needs?
Boring content is ineffectual. Blogging, posting, and tweeting is intended for customer’s enjoyment. They want to get something useful out of it. Understanding your customers fully is vital. 

This is what BBG&G thrives at. Our inspired team creates bold messaging that challenges your prospect’s assumptions and creates urgency for change.  With us, you can be confident that your campaigns are grabbing the attention that they deserve. Call us today to chat about ways we can help you engage your customers! (845) 695-1880