Wednesday, November 14, 2012

As the Fall Leaves Have Changed, Brand Identity Should Stay Consistent

Decreased consumer spending and a loss of leisure time have made travel a luxury for some. Yet people still feel the need to get away, so there is vast opportunity for destination brands that promise a unique and desirable experience. Where can you find this edge? The answer is brand Identity- the concept is simple, but most do not know where to begin. Staying true to your identity across every business platform creates a strong brand that can thrive and survive in these times.
The consumer needs to receive a deliberate and consistent message at every contact point with your brand to avoid confusion. If a consumer picked up your brochure it should look and feel your website, Facebook, etc. People choose places that are recognizable for the reason that these places appear known, established, and trustworthy. Some destination brands lack cohesiveness in their image because they try new things too often. You may be tired of seeing the same colors and layouts, but your potential customers may just be starting to grasp your unique identity. Keep with it and the payoff will arrive.
Consistent brand identity gets everything working together thus your social media, website, ads, employees and materials reinforce, strengthen and amplify one another. The sum is greater than the parts.  Only then will consumers experience a unified, consistent, and powerful sense of your brand far beyond the actual dollars you spend.
Someone needs to be ensuring that your elements are consistent from one media to another.  BBG&G takes our customers logo, print materials, advertisements, photos and ideas and creates an integrated brand identity. The end product strategically reinforces the message and desired public image, both visually and contextually. There’s a great story to be told about your travel or destination brand. Do you know how to tell it?

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