Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Great Weekend in Goshen

The Great American Weekend
It's a Goshen Tradition that gets better with age.

Hot and humid seems to be the forecast every Great American Weekend, but that just adds to the charm of it all. And, it's the reason that heading to Goshen's Ice Cream stand "What's the Scoop" for a chocolate shake after spending the day walking around the village green, meeting friends, eating philly cheese steaks, and shopping till we can barely walk anymore, has become a tradition for my family.

The Great American Weekend is held each year in the Village Green by the First Presbyterian Church in the center of Goshen. And every year there are more and more vendors making the event more interesting. For Goshenites, it's hard to take a few steps without running into people you know. But year after year, attendance seems to grow, and people from other areas of the county are drawn to this craft fair on steroids.

If you're not a craft fair person, don't be turned away, because this is more than a craft fair. It's a community event. A place where people gather, friends meet, and the exhibitors get to show off their talents. There are jewelery makers, sign makers, woodworkers, local artists and authors, flower arrangers, and even menopausal survival kits, to name a few. You can buy a raffle ticket from the local fire department, fund the Class of 2009 graduating class, support your local churches, go for a hay ride, a kiddie ride, and even see the local canine unit demonstration.

It's just an all-around fun weekend. And anyone who lives in Orange or a neighboring county and missed it, should make sure they put it on their calendars for next year.

The Great American Weekend is a Great American Tradition.
Now if we could only get back the Star Spangled Spectacular at Thomas Bull Memorial Park ....

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