Thursday, July 3, 2008

Feet Hurt? Where to Find the Perfect Shoe Fit

An article in the Times Herald Record called Bad Fit: Most of us wear shoes that are too small, provided a wealth of information about people wearing shoes that hurt their feet and stunning statistics about people wearing the wrong sized shoes. The article says that in 2005, Americans spent $2.3 billion on shoes. Out of those people who bought billions of dollars worth of shoes, only 1 in 10 women and 1 in 4 men bought the right size. The reporter spoke with podiatrists Dr. Michael Wodka of Middletown and Dr. Sharon Valencia of Goshen as well as Monticello pedorthist and shoe repairman, Rocco Bellantoni, gathering a myriad of tips and advice for getting the right fit in the right shoe.

However, with all of the facts and helpful hints, there is one crucial cornerstone of foot comfort that the reporter, Wodka, Valencia, and Bellantoni all neglected to mention. Where in the Orange County area does a person whose feet hurt go to buy shoes that will not hurt their feet? The doctors are right. Most department stores are self-serve, and most popular sneaker stores hire people without giving them the slightest idea of how a shoe is really supposed to fit. There are local shoe stores in the Orange County where someone can buy shoes and sneakers whose comfort are a step above what can be found in the department stores. So I think it would be a good idea to let you know where you can go to have your shoes fitted properly.

Groo`s Shoes, Athlete`s Action, and Frank`s Custom Shoe Fitting are three local shoe stores in Middletown, NY that personally fit each customer that walks through their doors with shoes and sizes that will work for them. Groo`s Shoes and Athlete’s Action in Middletown, are great sources of shoes and sneakers for the entire family. Under the same ownership, they sell the top brands in men`s, women`s and children`s shoes and sneakers in the sizes and widths that will fit every foot. They also sell innersoles that will provide arch support. And don`t worry if something isn`t in stock in your size because as long as it’s made by one of their manufacturers, Groo`s Shoes can order it. Frank`s Custom Shoe Fitting is another shoe store in the Middletown area that specially fits and sells running shoes. Frank, the owner and a certified pedorthist himself, also makes custom inserts for arch support that can be put into shoes and sneakers. Frank`s is also willing to order shoes for their customers if they don`t have it in stock. Both stores also work well with fitting people with diabetes into the proper footwear.

A person`s feet are the foundation of their entire body. When they hurt, everything seems to hurt. These local shoe stores work very closely with the local podiatrists and pedorthists to attain the highest benefit for the customer and make sure that every shoe is fit properly and comfortably. Do you know of any similar stores in your area?

For more information on the stores mentioned, visit their websites:
Groo`s Shoes and Athlete's Action:
Frank`s Custon Shoe Fitting:
Dr Wodka:

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