Thursday, June 26, 2008

Women and their wine

Yesterday, June 25 2008, the Rockland Business Association Women's Forum welcomed Deborah Brenner, entrepreneur and author of "Women of the Vine". Attendance was high.... and not surprisingly. In a male dominated industry, Deborah shared with us some statistics that show women are responsible for 71% of wine purchases and 67% of the consumption. Still, marketing is geared towards men.

In her book, Women of the Vine, Deborah interviewed 20 women whose passion is making wine and whose names are behind some of the highest quality wines being made today. Interestingly, they tend to not use their own name on the wine label, and most people do not realize that a woman is behind the label. I haven't read the book yet, but after hearing her speak, I am looking forward to the read. She has some wonderful stories to tell!

Deborah spoke of challenges women entrepreneurs face in today's business climate, which is still dominated by men. She expressed that some of the challenges she faces is due to her upbringing and that women in general are too modest and need to learn how to toot their own horn. Deborah has now formed Women of the Vine Cellars, which has united award winning women winemakers under one label. Check out Deborah's web site at .... she even has an interesting story on how she obtained that web address!

As a woman entrepreneur myself, I share many of the struggles that Deborah spoke of. The RBA Women's Forum is a great resource for women, as it gives women a chance to network with other women in business and offers an educational value as well. Held the last Wednesday of each month, the Women's Forum is a worthwhile monthly event that women in business should attend. If you're not already a member of the Rockland Business Association, this group is reason enough to join!
Check out the RBA's web site at or call 845.735.2100 and ask to speak to Joan.

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If you're interested in trying one of the wine trails in the beautiful Hudson Valley, check out my blog on the 10 Tips for a Successful Wine Trail Adventure.

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