Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Staying Cool by Playing Pool

In the summer months of July and August, relaxation and time for venturing out of the house are plentiful. The summer heat of those months also brings the inclination to watch the hours drag by in front of the TV. Let`s face it. Nearly every show you watch can be seen online sometime later. Some of us can even Tivo them. Summer activities are often the reason you bought TiVo in the first place! But when its hot and humid and you`d much rather be inside, there are plenty of off-the-couch things to do in the Orange County Area. Finding things to do can be a bit frustrating without knowledge of what`s out there. Mustering up enough energy to peel away from the couch for an afternoon or evening will open up a world of opportunities for fun with friends and family.

One great activity to do with friends is shooting a couple of games of pool. Pool is a cool, casual game that guys and girls can both enjoy. Guys, don`t forget the classic, `Let me show you how to hold the cue` date move. Use with caution as it only works when it`s done properly.

A great place to play is Pop`s Pool Hall on Dolson Ave in Middletown formerly known as Classic Cue Billiards Club. Pop`s Pool Hall has recently moved from the old location on the second floor of the Playtogs plaza, to the building formerly occupied by Weidy`s Furniture Store. Although they are still renovating from their move into the new building, this is nothing like the shady, back-alley pool halls as seen on TV. Not what you think when remembering old episodes of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Family Matters. This is a family owned and operated billiards hall where you can take your family, or feel comfortable with your teenager and their friends going for a few games. I have gone to play pool plenty of times at Classic Cue at the old location. It has always been a fun thing to do with the guys, as well as with a girlfriend. I went to the new place with my girlfriend and a friend that came to visit from college, and it has the same charm as the original location. Although they have some work to do in polishing the aesthetics of the new place, it still has the same welcoming feel as it did in the old location. It costs just $6 per person/per hour on weekdays and $8 per person/per hour on weekends. Every Wednesday is Ladies night, when ladies play free when accompanied by a gentleman.
Do you know about any cool pool halls in your local area? If so, let us know!

Justin Peele, Summer Intern
BBG&G Advertising

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