Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More thoughts on coupons

While social media is currently attracting the most industry attention, it is not the only way for businesses to target younger people online. And, it still has not proven itself to be a profitable means for advertisers to target and engage consumers. A new study from Information Resources, Inc shows that online coupon offers are still a very effective means of prompting young consumers to make purchases.

Half of 18 to 24 year olds reported that they would be very likely to use online coupons. Older age groups reported only up to 40 percent that would take advantage of online coupon offers. Newspaper coupons were reportedly dominant than their internet counterparts among all age demographics, the biggest margin being in demographics of 25 and over.

I still want to caution you on the consequences that moderate to heavy reliance on coupons can have on consumer perception of your company. Your product offerings must bring value to younger consumers in order for your online coupons to bring lasting profitability to your business. (Read the downfalls of frequent coupon usage in my March 12 post, http://www.businesscardcontacts.com/2009/03/other-side-of-coin.html).

Use coupons sparingly. Only with the proper implementation can internet coupons boost your sales to younger audiences and bring long term benefits to your business.

June Bisel
Partner, BBGG Advertising and Public Relations

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