Monday, March 30, 2009

A Wise Word About the Easter Bunny

Like most categories of spending this year, Easter spending is set to be down this year. Last year, consumers spent an average of $135 on Easter items. This year, according to NRF's 2009 Easter Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey, the the average consumer will spend a projected $117 on flowers, candy, clothes and food for the holiday.

Many  people still view Easter as the official kick-off to Spring.  So, with total spending expected to reach over $12 billion, there are still plenty of consumer dollars to go around. And since Easter is coming three weeks later than it did last year, it gives you some extra time to get consumers in your stores for Easter spending. 

The "buy local" movement is also picking up speed just in time for the Easter holiday season. Local businesses need to take advantage of this opportune time and advertise their Easter/Spring sales to get their share of the Easter spending season. 

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