Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Use Email and Go Green for St. Paddy's Day

Being it's St. Patrick's day, I thought it would be appropriate to write about something green! Green, meaning environmentally friendly, of course. 

In the world of marketing, email is an eco-friendly alternative to using paper to print direct mailers and newsletters. In addition to its positive environmental values, email is a very powerful communications tool for businesses looking for a way to integrate the internet into their marketing efforts. 

An article written by BBG&G Advertising President, Deborah Garry, which was published in the Hudson Valley Business Journal in '08 spoke about the power of email as a marketing tool. (http://www.bbggadv.com/EMail_Not_Dead.htm). 

Enjoy the read.... and enjoy your St. Patrick's Day. And use this day to think GREEN!

June Bisel
Partner, BBG&G Advertising & PR

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