Thursday, March 19, 2009

Home Improvements Still Create Value

According to the 2008 AOL Real Estate Survey, 69% of homeowners in the US agree that home improvements will help increase their home's value... even as home values decrease.

And where do people want to invest their money? It's no big surprise -- kitchens, bathrooms, and master bedrooms.

In fact, a recent trend, caused as a result of the decline in the housing market, is that many people who had planned to move are now staying put and adapting their homes to better meet their needs. This could include elderly who are investing in a kitchen that is more "user-friendly", or installing a chair lift to second floor bedrooms. It includes couples who are adding on bedrooms for a growing family. It includes recent empty-nesters, like me, who always wanted a jacuzzi in the bathroom, a sun room out back, or a master bedroom large enough to fit a king-size bed and have a walk-in closet. 

There are plenty of opportunities if you're in the business of home improvement. Like every other industry, you have to know your customer -- who they are, where they are, and what's the best way to reach them. You have to know what's important to them, and you have to give them more than they expected. Make the experience of working with you so easy, and so pleasant, that they wouldn't even consider working with anyone else. Deliver quality. Deliver on time. And deliver it with a smile.

June Bisel
Partner, BBG&G Advertising & Public Relations

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