Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Internet's Social Networking Movement

We all know that the Internet is the newest incarnation of the wild western frontier and that marketers are desperately trying to figure out how to strike gold on it. One thing that you smart businessmen and women can do to see where the Internet is going, is to ask your kids how they spend their time online. When they tell you that most of their time online is spent on Facebook or Myspace or Twitter, it is an indicator that the Internet is quickly moving towards social networking media.

Consumers appreciate companies that use their websites as more than just an opportunity to talk about themselves. Creating dialogue between businesses, among consumers, or between the company and its consumers are important ways to make an impact through the web.

Skittles is creating a substantial buzz with their new web interface, turning their company website into a social networking portal, with its Facebook page as the homepage and links to its, YouTube and Flickr pages. Besides generating an incredible buzz on the web and among those in the industry, the benefits of this experimental move have yet to be determined. But we do know that word of mouth is one of the pillars of Marketing, and starting dialogues on the Internet is one of the most innovative ways to get people talking. Use to start a conversation about your services, or to give advice to the BusinessCardContacts community, and explore the newest frontier of the Internet.

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