Friday, February 27, 2009

Wedding Day Memories

Planning a wedding? Or perhaps you own a business within the bridal industry... either way, here's some interesting information on how the recession is changing how brides are choosing to spend their wedding budgets.
A recent study conducted by Modern Bride magazine showed that many of us are not reducing our wedding budgets, but instead, are shifting how we're divvying up those precious, hard-earned dollars.
And, no big surprise to me, people are choosing to invest in items and memories that are long-lasting -- specifically, big diamond rings, quality photography, and great honeymoons.
Hey, I'm right there. While really big weddings are fun for guests, if you are the bride and groom it's so stressful to organize, and the day goes by so fast it seems like a blur.
Give me a decent ring (doesn't even have to be new -- could be an heirloom), some good photos to look back on, and a week or two away with my honey accompanied by a simple day of celebration with close friends and family. That is what would make me happy.
What do you think? If you're planning a wedding now, we'd love to hear from you.

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