Monday, August 3, 2009

Drink Birds & Beans Coffee and Save Birds

It probably does not come as much of a shock to anyone that Americans drink one-third of the coffee produced worldwide. Whether you prefer Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, iced or hot, dark or light, organic or not, there is no doubt about it: Americans need their daily caffeine fix, and they get it from coffee. For me, personally, the thought of that first cup of coffee is what helps get me out of bed every day, and I'm not embarrassed to admit it either :)

So what is your first thought when you take your first sip of that morning coffee? It probably is not, “I wonder if I am endangering species of birds and destroying the rain forest with every sip I take of this coffee?” Yet, that is exactly what most of us are doing as we wake ourselves up with a cup of Joe each workday.

Now besides being a coffee lover, I also happen to be a big bird lover, and I was amazed to have learned this. The good news is an up-and-coming coffee company – Birds and Beans – provides us with an option to drink an organic cup of shade-grown coffee -- saving the rain forest, and saving the birds.

Birds and Beans will soon be offering their products in the Hudson Valley, New York, but if you are interested and do not live in the area, visit their web site at

I think this is a wonderful product and a great cause. What do you think?

June Bisel
BBGG Advertising, Inc.

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