Friday, August 28, 2009

Creating the At-Home College Workspace

Back to school time is here. I know firsthand how much kids hate the audacity of marketers pushing back-to-school season earlier and earlier in the summer. Wal-Mart had back-to-school supplies fully stocked and displayed shortly after July 4th. At Wal-Mart, Independence Day meant just the opposite to students just beginning to enjoy their summer vacation.

For college-bound kids, back to school season means something very different than their younger counterparts. For many, it means moving out of the house again and back into the textbook jungle. This, like nearly everything else about our lives has become slightly soured by the recession.
In fact, more students will be opting to stay home and commute to school this year. If a student is looking to save money, cutting out housing costs is a great way to do it.

This is an opportunity for retailers to profit by showing students that they understand what they are going through. I see an opportunity for businesses to allow students to Create Their College Workspace. Many students' bedrooms at home haven't been updated for a long time and are lacking the workspace function that would suit their current collegiate needs. Therefore, businesses can still sell desks, chairs, lamps, and organization materials that these young adults will need to create a college environment in their bedroom at home.

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