Monday, August 10, 2009

Really Cool Renovation Blogs

During this recession, consumers have been holding off on large, expensive remodeling projects in favor of smaller projects that add personal touches to their living spaces. I discussed this trend in a March post, and since then, I have found some very cool blogs where people show off some of their home renovations, share inspirations, and provide how-to's online.

The first post that stopped me in my tracks was a project that I stumbled upon on The project was a woman named Lori's painted sun room floor. This was just such a beautiful, fresh take on painting a floor that I had to share it. Most times you see a painted floor, it is done on the outside to bring some color to a boring wooden patio, but this one has made me think twice about the idea of a painted floor.

Some other great sites for great home decorating ideas that I've come across are Remodelista, and Remodelista is a website that I have found great inspirations from. The designs are more upscale, but they provide good ideas that can be emulated on a budget. offers very helpful and insightful advice on making decor renovations on a budget.

I found these sites to be very helpful and inspiring. If your business caters to the home improvement sector, you should be sharing ideas like this. Do you have a web site? Do you have a blog? Do you see where you're missing out? Get on the social media band wagon now. You'll be glad you did.

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