Friday, March 30, 2012

With All Timeline Has To Offer, Why Not Start Today?

The best new feature Timeline offers is by far is what they are calling ‘Offers.’ In essence this is an online coupon or promotion amped up and more user friendly. Facebook used to have ‘Deals’ businesses could provide, but people had to check-in to your business and the Deal would not reach a lot of people.

Your business can create an “Offer’ for FREE and share it on your Timeline. Fans will be able to see this and then they can ‘Claim’ the offer. After they do this, an email will be sent to them instantly. Some businesses have it set up where the customer just has to show the email in order for them to get the offer.

Once consumers choose to sign up for your offer they have the option to share to their wall so other friends can see it in their news feed. People will see what their friends are claiming and will be able to ‘Claim’ those offers as well, creating traffic to your Facebook page.  Being the trendy Facebookers that we have become, we of course want in on any special deals that our friends are receiving.

Check out Macy’s offer; over 12,000 people claimed it. 
Making the offer is as easy as making a post. Everything will be handled on your wall. New offers do not require approval from Facebook before going live.

With all these added benefits, you could be a mile ahead of your competitors.  With Facebook Timeline going live today, start exploring all that you can do with it and implement your Timeline plan today.  Be the one your competition is catching up to by staying ahead of the learning curve.

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