Monday, March 26, 2012

'Timeline' - Your Business' New Best Friend

I’m sure we have all noticed the new changes Facebook has thrown our way. They are calling this change Timeline, and all users have been switched. But, Business pages have not. Come March 30th every Business page will be in Timeline format. Don’t be nervous; Timeline is one of the best things to happen to social media for your company. Over the coarse of the next week we will talk about the numerous benefits that will have you changing your business’s Facebook to Timeline as soon as you are done reading.  Of coarse, you won't really have a choice because Facebook is going to start to do it for you on Friday.

We will start today by talking about Facebook’s most obvious addition to their new Timeline structure.  This bold new addition is called a ‘Cover’ photo. This is a great opportunity to show what your company is all about so make this picture count. How do we do that you ask?  Well, you can start pretty basic by really focusing on your brand, using your logo and the key points that set you apart from your competition.  In other words, reinforce what sets your business apart from the rest.  

If you have the means to update this ‘Cover’ photo more frequently, perhaps you would like to take another approach.  Use this space to promote specials or specific products that your business offers.  Maybe you are an HVAC company that is currently running a special on central air installs or perhaps you have a product going on clearance that you just want to move out of your inventory.  No matter what the promotion, your ‘Cover’ photo is the most eye-catching place on your Facebook Timeline to get into the minds of your customers.

If you would like to use your cover photo to primarily re-inforce your brand, you can also take advantage of the new ‘Pin’ or ‘Star’ feature to promote specials.  A pinned post will stay at the top of your page for 7 days or until you unpin it. This is great for special promotions or events that might be coming up. If something is not that important but you would like to highlight it you have the option to ‘Star’ it. By starring a post you enlarge it and make it stand out amongst other things on your timeline.  

Driving your message to the minds of consumers is ultimately the goal of any advertising campaign.  These new features of ‘Timeline’ now make this an easier task for businesses.

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