Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Timeline Insights Build Business

If you add your local business address to Timeline you can finally claim your Facebook Place. People can say they are at your storefront or talk about the cool new product they bought from you and tag your business. People trust the recommendations of friends and family so there is no better method of marketing than encouraging customers to let their social network know they do business with you.

With classic Facebook, people clicked this ‘Tag’ of your business and it brought them to a blank check-in page. With Timeline, the tag will go to your actual Facebook page for people to find any information they are looking for. 

Fans can now recommend your business via their Facebook…your potential audience just got a little easier to reach!

“Look who’s talking” is a new feature which tells you who is talking about your business.  This will include people who have liked your page, shared a post of yours, answered a question you asked, responded to your event, mentioned your page, tagged your page in a photo or checked-in or recommended your place. There is also “Reach” which tells you how many people your business is reaching. Who says we can’t measure return on social media?

You’ll be able to see the percentage change over time, so if you see that your fans are going up but your reach is going down, you may need to think about creating a more engaging content so fans will talk about your page, post on your page or recommend your page via Facebook. Knowing what your fans want is now easier than ever to monitor using the new InSights Dashboard.

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