Monday, March 12, 2012

Strategizing Your QR Campaign

In scouring the Internet, I have come across a number of unique QR Code campaigns. Some of these campaigns are pretty ridiculous and others, ingenious. Though as it seems, ridiculous is at many times, just as effective as ingenious. I have come across campaigns ranging from subway station QR grocery stores to QR haircuts promoting scalp care and even QR cow scanning. QR’s can be used in any industry, the trick is finding out a good way to use it.

Anyone can put a QR Code on a billboard or a poster, but why is anyone going to scan it? Let’s take a different approach. We have to start by answering these questions:

· What product or service does your business sell?

· Is it a product or a service?

· What are you trying to accomplish?

Let’s say you are a new restaurant to the area and you are looking to establish a relationship with your new customers in order to encourage repeat business. With Social media, customer interaction has never been easier. So let’s combine the two. On your tables let’s develop tabletop displays that encourage people to “Like” or Check-In on Facebook to tell you about their experience. You are now creating two things. The first is you are getting real-time feedback as to what is going on in your restaurant. The second is you are gaining a following for your social media which will allow you to interact with them in the future. As an added bonus, your staff will also be on their toes knowing that there is real-time feedback about their service.

It’s also fun to get creative with the delivery of your QR. Perhaps an alternative to a tabletop display could be to actually make the QR a part of your table. How would you do that? Depending upon the type of tables you have, this could be a bit limiting. You could have it etched right into the table or you could create a fun design or collage centered on a QR and slide it under the glass. You can also utilize other things on the table. You could have your QR code printed on the napkins or maybe even the plates — “We hope you enjoyed your meal, scan this QR and tell us what you think”. It sounds silly, but it’s sure to gain the attention of your customers. After all, who would ever expect to get to the bottom of their bowl of pasta and find a message on their plate?

The possibilities are endless in the delivery of your QR Campaign. What’s most important to keep in mind is how you are going to grab your audiences’ attention and provoke them to scan your QR. The company Clear was effective in their efforts by canvassing an entire city with QR’d scalps linking the delivery with the product. The farmer was effective by creating a game out of the sale of livestock, proving that creativity in your call to action, will undoubtedly obtain the results you are looking for.

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