Monday, March 19, 2012

Google Incorporates Your World Into Searching The Web

Google+ Business Pages has been launched for a few months now and lately more than ever it seems like the best social media option for small businesses. Search, Plus Your World (SPYW) is a new search result system helping users find the most relevant information. It is based on three things: personal search results which look at your ‘Circles’ and browsing history, social media of people that share relevant interest and people and business pages.  It only makes sense with Google leading in search engine inquiries that they would start incorporating their own Social Media into the equation.  
If you get your business content onto Google+ it is more likely to be visible by people using Google as a search engine. Even if your website is not the first to pop up in results, having your business page in a ‘Circle’ or ‘+1-ed’ by consumers will have it appear more often than not.  Google calls this Direct Connect; it is supposed to help people find a business’s page. Google wants the information to be found. Google+ does impact search results.

A person’s circle of friends is highly influential when searching on Google. Meaning that when I search for a certain restaurant, relevant restaurants that my friends have added to their circle pop up. I necessarily did not have to be in that restaurants circle, but Google knows that what my friends like, I would enjoy as well. What my friends like is more influential in Google’s search engine results than companies that have domain authority. This is thanks to Search, Plus Your World. Google+ is taking off and as more friends are brought into the process, a wider audience will see your content on a Google search.

When you start typing into the search engine box, Google starts automatically filtering in the most relevant results. With SPYW, as soon as I start typing in “hair salon” Google+ pages start appearing with hair salons my friends have checked into or have in their circles. I can just click on them and it will bring me right to the page; no sifting through a long list of everything related to hair salons on the Internet. Google is prioritizing Google+ data, so having a Google+ account can only be beneficial to your company.

It seems daunting when you consider how many social media platforms there are to subscribe to.  Though Facebook reigns number 1 as of right now, one thing is for sure; if anyone has a chance to tackle the social media monster, it's Google.  With such great features like SPYW, can your business really afford not to sign up?

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