Friday, May 1, 2009

Recession Chic Hits the Teenage Demographic

Teenage girls are turning into little Recessionistas as the average spending on clothes in the 12-18 year old crowd is down nearly 20%. But while spending on clothing is down, the same demographic is spending about 10% more on both shoes and accessories. The psychology of teenagers can be so confusing sometimes.

As an fan of TLC's What Not to Wear, I know that a solid wardrobe is built around pieces that you can accessorize to create several different outfits. Teenagers and their parents are being more selective, price conscious, and value-driven in their clothing purchases. So, while overall teen spending is down 14%, they are still looking to get the most out of each article of clothing they own and purchase.

If you market to teenagers in this sector, then this is a figure you cannot ignore. Make sure you offer accessories to these buyers and increase the value of each purchase they make.

June Bisel
BBG&G Advertising and Public Relations

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