Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We Still Love our Cars!

In my first April post, I flashed a beacon of hope for realtors that there was still hope and that people were still planning to buy homes ( So, it is only appropriate that in one of my first posts of May that I flash another beacon of hope. This bit of encouragement is for those in the business of selling cars.

According to an online survey conducted by R.L Polk & Co., more than half of consumers in the U.S are planning to purchase a car within the next two years. Although many consumers are wary of buying from American automakers, this is still a good sign for auto retailers.

The percentage of people looking to purchase varies among regions. The survey results show the Great Lakes as the region with the lowest percentage, but even they have 51% looking to buy cars within 2 years.

So, for car dealers in the Hudson Valley, and even those looking to sell their own car, the auto market is not frozen. More than half of consumers are still shopping for cars and planning to make this purchase within the next two years. Make sure that you have the kinds of cars that they are looking for in their inventory. They want reliable, affordable, efficient vehicles. And the Eco-friendly trend is here to stay.

June Bisel
BBG&G Advertising and Public Relations

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