Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mothers Want Fun Foods for their Children

While there are different ways to market your products to children, the most effective seems to be through us Moms. Yes, it's true .... us mothers control the majority of household spending and make key decisions on what our children eat.

Studies are showing that mothers favor healthy choices in their children's diet, but also look to choices that our children find fun and tasty. 86% of mothers surveyed said that the highest priority for their food choices is nutrition. 82% said that the food should establish good eating habits. Although health is unsurprisingly a top priority, the survey also shows that mothers are trying to strike a balance between health and convenience. Amazingly, 80% cited that a high priority when making food purchases is simply that it "fills them up". Having two teen-age boys, I can totally understand that!

There is a fine line that food manufacturers must walk between nutrition and convenience. Each is a highly desired characteristics for mothers, but we certainly don't want to succumb to buying unhealthy processed foods for the sake of convenience.

We mothers are very busy, but still want food that will promote healthy eating habits in our children. If your business sells healthy foods that can help us moms find that balance between healthy and fun, make sure you let us know about it. It will benefit everyone!

June Bisel
BBG&G Advertising and Public Relations

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