Monday, May 4, 2009

Facebook Success Story

Up until recently, I hadn't even heard of "Toasted Heads". But, success stories in Social Media just fascinate me and I am eager to share them with you whenever possible.

Toasted Heads is a premium wine brand, which has recently become an unlikely success story in social media. They created a profile page on Facebook and increased their stated fan base from under 1,000 to 3,334 Facebook fans as of today.

More than tripling their their fan base on Facebook was not expected because of the exclusivity of the fan base. However, this serves as a lesson to everyone that effectiveness through online social networking media is not just for the Pepsi's, CNN's and Ashton Kutcher's of the world.

If you're considering establishing a presence online, look at what these brands have in common. For one, branded content is very important to your web presence. Toasted Heads uses brand related gigs like the "burning question of the week" and tips to "fire up your life." Ashton Kutcher became the first person with a million Twitter followers with a publicity stunt promising to punk CNN owner Ted Turner if he could reach a million followers before the cable news station.

Toasted Heads also reached out to its own informal friends list, which then created the opportunity for the fan base to spread through word of mouth. Then it was coupled with targeted marketing efforts to drive people to sign up as fans on its Facebook page. Follow the patterns that made these companies successful on social media platforms and use online resources like Facebook, Twitter and to their fullest extent to make your web presence effective.

June Bisel
BBG&G Advertising and Public Relations

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