Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Time to step back... in time

Step inside and you step away from the modern world for a day. Pass through the gates and lords and ladies, peasants, pirates and wenches will greet you. You'll visit boutiques where tudor and peasant dresses, handmade crafts, jewelry and other treasures are sold.

After shopping for a while, satisfy your hunger with a giant turkey leg. Make sure you eat it the medieval way, with nothing but your hands. Then, for an after dinner snack, try a pickle from the talkative man walking around with the round pickle cart. Not hungry for turkey or pickles? You can try the wide variety of other foods and snacks sold there, such as succulent bangers, shepherds pie and sweet trifle.

After eating, you'll probably want to sit for a while, so relax at one of the many shows they have during the day. Want to watch people jump around in the mud? Go see the mud show. Want to watch pirates sing and dance and throw buckets of water all over each other? Go see the pirate show. Want to see jousting, Robin Hood and Queen Elizabeth? Go see the jousting show. There are also lone performers doing everything from juggling to belly dancing and more. Don't forget to grab a schedule of events, because there are over 125 performances throughout the day.

Feeling a bit energized after seeing the shows? Go throw a tomato! For a small fee, you can try to hit some guy with a tomato while he teases you without fail. If you're not into that sort of thing, you can play with old-fashioned toys, go on some human powered swing rides or play the dozen or so games they have to offer.

As you leave, and step back into reality, you'll realize just how much fun you had. The Renaissance Faire is a great place to spend a weekend with family and friends and get away from the stresses of everyday life. I'll bet you're already thinking... I can't wait until next year!

Laura Schutz


Anonymous said...

What is the meaning, and or purpose of this? How is it helping me grow my business? said...

We frequently do write blogs about helping to grow your business, but we also like to write blogs about local businesses and events. We love showcasing interesting things happening in the Hudson Valley, and the Renaissance Faire is one of them.