Thursday, October 25, 2007

Think local. Buy local.

When you hear the expression "Think and Buy Local" what comes to mind? Is it important for you shop local, or do you usually shop online or go out of town? Do you know the many benefits of doing business locally? When you shop local, you support your neighbors, as well as make a difference in your community.

Do you know that buying local reduces environmental impact? When you buy local, it means less sprawl, less congestion, less habitat loss, and less pollution. It takes such a small amount of work to help the environment, and something as easy as buying your groceries or clothing from a local store can be one thing you can do to help save the earth.

We all want to live in a thriving town. When you buy local, you help support and promote the local economy. When you promote the local economy, you're creating a more prosperous living situation for yourself, as well as using your taxes to support public service and non-profit groups.

When you buy local, you not only help the business you're buying from, but you help all of the businesses in your town. Most local businesses employ other local businesses for good and services.

So think local, buy local, and take advantage of all of the great benefits of supporting the environment, and your neighborhood.

Laura Schutz

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