Monday, April 15, 2013

International Advertising: Facebook

We all know international advertising comes with challenges. For small business it takes in-depth research before jumping in. When thinking about international advertising, it is important to consider your social marketing, since it is such an integral part of an overall marketing plan. 

We thought we would devote a series of blogs to international advertising and social media. This week we will talk about Facebook. There are two key strategies for reaching global audiences using Facebook. The first, is creating multiple brand pages, which really makes more sense to me (although it is more work). The second, is to post updates that specifically target different audiences. This can work, and is a practical solution for smaller businesses with less time and money to devote to social media, but can get sloppy.

Multiple Brand Pages 
Global brands like Nike have a main Facebook page, but also have specific country pages. Nike UK page for example. This page specifically caters to their UK consumers.  They have large amounts of consumers around the globe, so this is a great way to brand. Creating multiple pages increases the localization of each page but requires more time for customization, as different logos and content are created for each page.

Targeted Updates
If having multiple pages is a bit more of a commitment than you are able to handle, you can target updates by location, demographics, and language on your main Facebook page. The advantages of having one single page are the time and cost savings, consistency, and more easily keeping your brand personality  intact. Additionally, fans from around the world can, where there are no language barriers, connect around a shared passion. 

Chances are you will immediately know which option is right for your business. Considering your strategy before launching is a good start. 

Remember to check back next week for tips on international advertising for Twitter and YouTube!

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