Monday, April 8, 2013

Cell to Table: Mobile Menus

Online ordering from restaurants, have you tried it? This is not just trendy; it represents a technological shift to the mobile device as technology becomes more compact, agile and capable.

Pizza Hut was the first large pizza chain to launch a mobile application for online ordering (Papa John's and Domino's have quickly followed). Pizza Hut first created a mobile-optimized site where consumers can log-in to their account, order pick-up or delivery, sign-up to receive deals and download their mobile app for easier use. You can also locate the nearest location and use the click-to-call capability to get in touch with a specific location. Being a favorite of my younger son, we all have the Pizza Hut app on our phones and I used it just the other night for his birthday. It really does make ordering easy!

Large food chains are saying they are bringing in 25 percent of their sales through online and app ordering. Even the mom-and-pops restaurants are seeing dramatic sales spikes. Consumers just do not want to deal with people on the phone anymore and 60 percent of adults are more interested in home delivery than dining in the physical restaurant.

People who order meals online spend more than those ordering by phone. They can view the entire menu online and items can be added in just one ‘click’. You, as a restaurant owner, can get more orders, more money spent per order, more repeat customers; and in turn, increase your bottom line and your direct return on investment.

If jumping right into an online ordering tool or your own app seems daunting, there are other ways you can reach out to diners. There is an app that is popping up on everyone’s smartphone. It is called GrubHub and it helps people find and order food from wherever they are. Consumer’s type in their address and are prompted with restaurants that deliver to that locale as well as pick-up restaurants nearby. Check out my blog about GrubHub and all the benefits this app offers!


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