Monday, February 25, 2013

A Few of Our Favorite Things

February is the month of love. With all this love in the air, all of us here at BBG&G want to share with you what we love. Our team - Debbe, Gen, Peggy, Krista, Shannon and I have passion for what we do and there are things that we absolutely LOVE about our industry.
Across the board, most of us here would say Pinterest is our favorite form of social media. Looks like 15% of Americans agree. Yup, 15% of the U.S population uses Pinterest! Debbe likes Pinterest because it is fun to see all the creative activities and projects, as well as exploring places to go. Shannon, being such a visual person, says she loves Pinterest due to its form and function. It is a great way to organize all the great things you find online. “I never bookmark sites anymore, I just pin it," says Shannon. 

Coming in at a close second is Facebook. Peggy loves Facebook for the ads; they are targeted and you can really reach your market. Many small businesses can reach their target audience through Facebook Ads. They are not just for big corporations. They are for small businesses too. And there is no reason why you should not capitalize on them as an additional way to use Facebook in your marketing and advertising efforts. Personally, I love Facebook for the simple fact that it provides me a way to keep in touch and stay current with my family and friends who I don't get to see on a regular basis.

Some of us love web-based marketing methods and some love more traditional marketing methods. Both Krista and I love using social media to reach consumers. I am a people person and social media provides an avenue to show who you really are – the people behind the company. Krista loves the idea of e-marketing in particular. She loves spreading ideas and being the storyteller of those ideas through blogging and e-newsletters. Looks like consumers love reading blogs as much as she loves writing them considering 128 million people in the US are blog readers. And they are worth writing too! 57% of companies with an active blog have acquired a customer from their blog. Knowing that the online world is the place most people are, Peggy loves web development. She believes it is where people receive our client’s messages. 

Gen and Deb both agree that logo design is their favorite. Gen loves all kinds of typography and incorporates hand-drawn letterforms into her designs whenever she can. Shannon is passionate about photography and believes it can be an essential element of great design.  She likes any type of print design and you can catch her collecting well-designed brochures, hangtags from clothing and cool coasters from bars for inspiration. When you are talking about small business marketing logos, design matters VERY much. I’m glad my team loves the design aspect so much! 

Logos may be small in size, yet they are an extremely important element that contributes to the success of any social media campaign. Think about it – your customers see your Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc. on a daily basis. Your logo is on display with anything you post. They will form a perception of your company that will stay with them forever. The design of your logo is crucial.
Debbe, Gen, Peggy, Krista, Shannon and I each have our favorite things about marketing and in the end all the parts matter, and as a team we come together to create cohesive strategies for our clients.
So, what is your favorite type of social media or marketing? How does your favorite compare to ours or the crowds?

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