Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Power of Pictures: Instagram and Facebook Camera

"A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words & Information Is The Currency Of The Internet" 
There has been a lot of fuss about Facebook’s newest application, Facebook Camera. Facebook Camera lets you rapidly pick one or more photos, apply filters, tag friends and locations, add a description and then post. It has fourteen different camera filters and is coincidentally very similar to what the application known as Instagram does. What is even stranger, Facebook recently acquired Instagram for one billion dollars.
Instagram has no revenue, but what it does have is 30 million users. That wasn’t the only upside to buying Instagram. Facebook so quickly spent one billion dollars because of user data. Instagram is far more targeted than Facebook. Facebook certainly knows how to target ads to its audience’s interests, but as we all know by now, Facebook users post any number of boring, self-interested or otherwise forgettable updates. Instagram photos are simpler and frequently brilliant, especially for brands. You can find out more of a user’s interest on Instagram. A food lover takes photos of dining out and fancy dishes, a skier takes pictures of the slopes and the resort. Facebook can optimize this data and create advertisements with even more of a focus.
Instagram Winning Tickets to Brooklyn Bowl

Another factor is that Facebook has had difficulty finding a way to keep up with mobile technology. Instagram really knows mobile. They do not have a website; it is just an application where you can follow people and see others photos by scrolling on there page. When you upload a photo, you can choose to share it via Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr as well. Instagram looks nice and simple and has an easy interface. The Facebook mobile app can really learn from this.
The beauty of Instagram, and Facebook Camera, is that people love photos. People go on Facebook to look at photos of friends, family, and things that interest them. Half of Facebook users comment on photos at least twice a week.
As a business, how does this affect you? Both applications will display photos on your Facebook Business Page. They might seem like competing apps, but except for minor differences in editing tools, they are essentially the same. It is up to you to choose how you want to interact with your fans. So choose one and use it! Photos get attention.

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