Monday, May 7, 2012

Will the Summer Sun make your Sales Shine or Fade Away?

Many business owners say their sales dwindle in the summer months. Summer depicts a season of no worries and slowing down, but this does not mean your sales have to slow down too.  There are countless marketing techniques that can be used to make your business BOOM during the summer months.

There are a lot of unusual and just plain ridiculous holidays out there. As a business, you should find one related to your industry and start celebrating. I was recently walking past a Rack Room Shoes and there was a big sale on flip-flops because it was National Flip Flop Day.  There were big holiday signs outside, party streamers inside, and even free cake for the holiday! Integrating your products with summer elements is a creative and funny way to grab any passer-bys attention. Can’t think of a holiday?  Visit

Everyone is outside and active during the summer. This is great potential for capturing people’s eyes with sidewalk sales. Set up tables and displays outside. You can even use the sidewalk to unload excess inventory at discounted prices or display your best products outside — encouraging customers to visit the inside of the store. Another great thing about being outside is summer festivals, street markets, and parades. Research upcoming fairs and festivals and see if you can reserve a spot to set up a table. You can sell products here, and also engage with customers and other local businesses.

During the hot summer days, free food and cold drinks are the perfect way to draw in customers. You can host a BBQ cookout for loyal patrons and also invite new potential patrons. Here you can connect with customers through casual conversation and show that you appreciate them. Handing out some freebies, like re-usable water bottles, is a nifty promotional tool as well. Customers will love things like that to bring to the beach. This will keep brand exposure strong.

Before the summer months begin, make sure you have a tailored marketing plan to incorporate themes from the season to help catch the attention of the public. Summertime promotions and advertising are fantastic opportunities for your brand to be fun. It is everyone’s vacation time, just make sure your marketing and advertising doesn’t take that vacation as well!

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