Monday, May 14, 2012

Business Blogging 101

Blogs are underrated and their reach is underestimated. Most businesses think blogging is not for them.  They are wrong.  It is great for educating clients and differentiating your biz from the competition, but also it is putting a human face on your brand.  I have laid out 6 simple tips that will help the success of your blog. 

Tip 1: Relevant Content.
There are a million things to talk about—but keep it related to your industry. For instance, talk about your products. Customers love comparison-shopping and they want to know how your products compare to others. You can also talk about solutions to consumer’s problems. I love Mod Cloth’s Blog because not only do they offer me fashion ideas, but solutions on how to wash and stitch certain fabrics. This comes off honest and friendly.

Tip 2: Participate in the communities where your audience already gathers by commenting on blogs and forums. People read comments and if you have brought up something that grabs their attention, as well as leaving a link to your own blog, they will most likely click it. 

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This allows people to ‘subscribe’ to your blog. 90% of people who read one of your blogs won’t come back. This is not because they don’t find it interesting and relevant but because they just forget. Having them subscribe will let them know you added new content and ensure their revisit.

Tip 4: Have fun with it.
Professional, structured writing is NOT the way to go for blogging. A light tone is best to help add the fun. Don’t forget to squeeze some humor into a post to keep people interested.  >Insert funny joke here<

Tip 5: Tag!
Tagging is what helps index your blog post by search engines. Without tags, search engines may overlook your posts and they will end up at the bottom of the pile. By adding appropriate tags, people who are searching for similar information can find your blog a lot easier and faster.

Tip 6: Don’t Forget Images.
Not only will images help break up the writing and make your blog attractive, they also have great SEO value. Adding a description to the images will allow search engines, such as Google, to catalog your blog posts. Having images can increase the visits to your blog by up to 10x.

Taking these fundamental tips into account, it is never too late to start your own blog. Honest, relevant, clever writing is what people fancy. Provide this and you will have a solid following.

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