Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sunset Cruise on Classic Harbour's 80' Schooner

Last night my boyfriend Vinny and I had the opportunity to sail aboard 'The Adirondack', an 80' Schooner that is a part of the Classic Harbour Line at Chelsea Pier. Thanks Meghan!

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful evening! The sunset was stunning and since it's been getting darker a bit earlier lately (something I've been regularly complaining about until last night) we had the opportunity to enjoy the Manhattan skyline from the Hudson as the sun set and the lights illuminated the sky.

Captain Jim, a native New Yorker, could answer any question we threw his way, and has spent his life sailing. Once the sails were up, the crew kept busy getting everyone drinks throughout the cruise. Wine, beer, soda and water were all available throughout the evening. And although they didn't serve food on this particular cruise, you could bring a bag lunch, or snacks. Many people brought cheese and crackers, grapes, hummus, etc.

Everyone on our cruise were adults - I would guess the range is age was from about 20-60. The thing that struck me as SO funny was that all the "under 40s" sat around outer edge of the boat in what I consider the really "cool" seats. I always envisioned I would sit there. But, as we boarded the boat, I found myself immediately heading for the "safer" seats with full backs to them. And about halfway through the cruise, as I was observing everyone on the boat having such a great time, I realized that the more comfortable, "safe" seats with backs were being used by those of us who are a bit more mature, and I thought "when did I become this person who chooses back support over doing something really cool?" LOL!

But, back- support or no back-support, this experience was Really Cool! I can't imagine one person on that boat not considering for at least one minute how very lucky they were to be there.

For those interested in taking a cruise for themselves, contact Classic Harbour Line. Their web site is Tell them June sent you - and enjoy!

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