Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Which name do you like?

When my partner, Deborah Garry, and I started BusinessCardContacts a couple of years ago, we did so because we saw a need that was not being met right here in our own community. As owners of BBG&G Advertising in Middletown since 1997, we have our fingers on the pulse of the business community as it relates to marketing. We support our community, we buy local, and we encourage others to buy local.

We developed BusinessCardContacts to provide Hudson Valley businesses of all sizes a place to affordably and effectively reach their target audience using the web. As the Hudson Valleys Net Neighborhood, we provide businesses in our community a chance to promote themselves and tell their story. It provides the consumer in all of us the chance to find and research our local businesses online before making a buying decision.

BusinessCardContacts is a rolodex, so to speak, of businesses in the Hudson Valley. But it is also a site that encourages buying local. You can get to BusinessCardContacts two ways:



We just can not decide which one we like best, so we are having a vote.

Let us know which name you prefer. Leave a comment below, or vote via Twitter at http://twitter.com/BBGGadv

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