Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Take time to Listen

We are all interested in using Social Networking to benefit our business. Business owners ask me every day "how can I get started? what can I write about". They too often tell me they feel social media does not lend itself to their business. But I don't agree.

We are people. We are social creatures. Every business decision is made by a person. Every purchase decision is made by a person. Therefore, every business does, in some way, lend itself to social networking. Sometimes you just have to be creative in your thinking... other times, you just have to listen.

Not sure just how to get started? Not sure how social networking can benefit you? Then take the first step, go to your favorite search engine or to Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn and search. Search for your prospects. Search for your competitors. Search for products or services you offer. Search for new trends within your industry... 

Just search. Listen to what people are saying. Get ideas. Find out what is of interest to your prospects. What keeps them up at night. What makes them ecstatic. What makes them laugh. What makes them mad. What would they find useful? Is there a void you can fill? 

Just listen. 

And do it regularly. Even if you decide to never take the plunge and become involved in the conversation (which I feel would be a terrible idea) ... at least listen. Your business will depend on it.

June Bisel
BBGG Advertising and Public Relations
Twitter: BBGGadv

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