Saturday, October 18, 2008

A busy time of the year for business

I know I should write in this blog regularly - heck, I preach it. But when business gets so busy, the little "extras" seem to slip by the wayside.
Yesterday morning Deborah Garry, my partner, and myself had our first talk radio show gig on Business Journal Radio. Aside from the first time I spoke, in which I said "um" 27 times, I was pretty comfortable with the way things went. And, it was actually a lot more fun than I realized it would be.
The show discussed marketing (go figure), and we did have a discussion on the importance of blogging.... which is why I'm here today.
The thing that's really been bugging me about not blogging lately, is that I have so much to talk about. So let me give a quick rundown of the things that have been happening in the Hudson Valley, in case you've missed any of them.
- Friday, October 17th was the first airing of Business Journal Radio, with Debbie Kwiatoski editor of the Hudson Valley Business Journal. It airs on the Hudson Valley Radio Network, with three different AM stations throughout the valley. It will be airing every Friday at 10am. Each week will be full of good advice. I believe the guest next week will be giving advice on how to save money on our heating bills this winter - we can all use that!
- on Thursday, the 16th, was the Rockland Business Association's Business Expo. I volunteered at the registration table for a couple of hours, and had a great time. Attendance was excellent - kept us on our toes. When I was done at the registration table, I walked around a bit, met a few people I've never met before, caught up with some people I haven't seen in awhile, chatted with some friends, and became familiar with some businesses with products or services I'm interested in. Lots of fun. Good for business. It's all about relationships, and the RBA has a nice group of people with some good networking opportunities.
-On Wednesday, the 15th, I had gone down to SUNY Purchase on some business. What a beautiful campus they have there. I'm in the area regularly, and I am somewhat familiar with the campus, but the day afforded me the opportunity to really walk around and take it all in. And, it was an absolutely beautiful fall day to boot, so I really enjoyed it. The college offers an opportunity for a high level of education in the conservatory arts and liberal arts & science, but it is also a wonderful cultural resource for the entire community, with the Performing Arts Center and the Neuberger Museum of Art. The college is located in Westchester, in the town of Purchase, just a couple of miles from 287. 
- And speaking of Westchester, the Half Moon is currently docked at the Yonkers Pier and will be there for a couple of weeks I believe. It will also be in Newburgh after that. You can check the exact dates by visiting the Westchester Tourism web site, or the Orange County Tourism web site. The Half Moon is a full scale replica of the boat that Henry Hudson sailed on his exploration trip up the Hudson back in 1609. I will be visiting the Half Moon this Sunday and for me, it is a little bit of a head start on the quadricentennial celebration, which marks the 400th Anniversary of Hudson and Champlain's early voyages along the Hudson.
We'd love to hear what you've been up to and about upcoming events - business or recreational. This is your web site, Hudson Valley. Use it to inform, promote, or just toot your own horn.

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