Monday, October 7, 2013

Birthday Promotions

I love this month - my birthday month. I cannot help notice which brands have been sending me emails and coupons. Some are just too great to pass up. The ones I liked the most had brand personality and ease of use for obtaining my birthday ‘gift.’

So why use Birthday Marketing? People are in a celebratory mood on their birthday so they will spend more money when they are out. People love freebies, discounts and talking about their birthday; free word-of-mouth and branding tool. "This place is so awesome; they gave me free dessert for my birthday!"

A great sushi place in NYC sent me $20 to use on my next visit. A free meal for me, how could I pass that up? Most people will be celebrating their birthday with a group, so even though my meal is covered, the rest of the group is paying full price for their meals. Haru has got birthday marketing right- luring me and my friends to spend my birthday dinner at their restaurant. 

Sephora also has a great birthday gift for me — what is even better is I can choose from a few options. What I like about this is that the gift is clear and valuable, mascara and moisturizer, instead of 10% off or some other vague offer. It is a limited offer that expires two weeks after my birthday, so I need to act soon to redeem. I can get my free gift online, but I would have to purchase something to receive it. My other option is going into the store to redeem it, which is smart. They are getting me to come to the store, where I will most likely purchase other items that catch my eye. Finally, I admire the seamless redemption. The offer is preloaded onto my Sephora loyalty card, so no coupon required. When I go up to the counter, they know it is my birthday.

Personal communication goes a long way in making your customers feel valued, especially in a birthday greeting. I have definitely felt the love from some of my favorite companies this month!


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