Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Working with people you like

We hear it time and again, business is all about relationships. People work with people they like. This could not be more true in our business. As important as it is for our clients to know that we are marketing savvy, and will spend their advertising dollars wisely, it is also very important that they genuinely like us -- that our personalities complement each other.

It is also much easier (and rewarding) to do great work for clients or customers that you really like. People who treat their staff and their customers with respect. People who treat you with respect. Honest, hard-working people.

I am happy to say that I work with lots of those types of people. I brag about my clients all the time, because I believe in what they do, I know they really care about doing the best job that they can, and I know that they are honest, good people. That being said, I must take this opportunity to brag about Homewood Suites by Hilton at Newburgh's Stewart Airport . I have never seen a hotel that is more devoted to customer service and to making everyone feel so welcome and comfortable. They strive every day to out-do themselves. Their recent Quality Assurance rating of 97.3 from Hilton is what has inspired me to write this blog.

There are people and companies out there who are in it just for the money. Unfortunately, it is those types of companies that make us wary in business dealings. So, when we do find businesses that are exceptional in their offerings and in their character, we should take the time to tell others and to brag about them.

People DO like working with people they like. And they also are more likely to work with someone if they come through a referral.

So, take some time today, and brag about someone you enjoy working with. Someone who is honest, hard-working, and you know will do a great job. Hopefully, they will return the favor some day.

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