Monday, February 1, 2010

A Lesson to be Learned

As a marketing person, sometimes I feel like I am repeating the same messages over and over. And, each time, I try to communicate in a different manner, say it in a different way -- all in an effort to get my messages across about the importance of customer service, going above and beyond what is expected, creating a strong brand and living up to it, building strong working relationships with other local companies (sometimes even those who you feel may be your competitors).

While many companies do a few of these things, very few do all of them. So, when I see a company that is doing everything right, I cannot help but applaud.

I spent last night at Homewood Suites by Hilton over at Stewart Airport. The hotel is beautiful. Just a few years old, and really designed well. We stayed in a one bedroom suite, and after being there about a half an hour, we were joking about selling our house and moving in.

But all joking aside, the place is just great. All the comforts of home, without the hassles of home. The staff were so friendly and helpful, you felt like you were coming home to family -- well, the kind of family you would want to come home to :)

The artwork throughout the hotel was purchased from local artists. From speaking with the sales staff, we learned that they shop locally whenever possible. The management is amazingly savvy when it comes to marketing and building win/win relationships.

Carrying the name Hilton brings with it certain expectations. The parent company has created a strong brand that stands for quality. We all know that sometimes these expectations are not met and we are disappointed. That happened to me about ten years ago with another hotel chain (who's name I will withhold - not sure why). But, that was certainly not the case this time.

In fact, our stay at Homewood Suites in Newburgh, NY strengthened my loyalty to the Hilton brand. It was more than I expected. We're talking about making this a tradition. And, we are making reservations at the Homewood Suites down in Florida for our vacation next month.

Now, there's a company that is doing everything right. That's what branding is all about -- carrying that brand through to everything you do.

Kudos to Homewood Suites, Newburgh!

June Bisel
BBG&G Advertising, Inc.

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