Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Why Advertising Just Isn't Enough

Can't I just advertise in a newspaper to market my business?

This question was asked a while ago and I thought it was relevant enough to talk about.

Yes, advertising in newspapers is a great way to market your business, provided you have the budget to do this frequently (read: on a weekly or semi-monthly basis) in several different papers in your target area. Problem is, this can run you a couple thousand dollars a month and might not even give you the return on investment (ROI) that you're looking for.

There's another problem with just advertising in newspapers. Even if every single person in your target area reads the paper, many are now going online to read the news, and that could mean your ad might get missed entirely.

To really market your business though, you need to reach out to potential customers from many different angles. Why? Because this will ensure that you will reach every possible person in your target area, therefore giving you the best possible chance to keep your business thriving and growing in the long-term. Full-service marketing includes not only advertising, but public relations campaigns, direct mail pieces and online marketing.

It sounds pricey, and it is. You need to design and get printed the direct mail pieces, as well as buy the materials to send them out. Sure, you can write your own press release, but is it good enough to be newsworthy? You can also do online marketing yourself, but do you have the time and the knowledge to really get your name out there when the internet is already flooded with millions of businesses worldwide?

When you're a relatively small company, affording a marketing program seems nearly impossible, especially when you want to hire the professionals who have the expertise to really give you that ROI.

This is essentially why the owners of BBG&G Advertising started BusinessCardContacts.com. They've watched for years as smaller companies struggled to afford the effective marketing campaigns that bigger businesses already have. Our job here at BusinessCardContacts.com is to give you that marketing campaign for only a few hundred dollars a year. You and other small businesses can team up to evenly spread out the expensive costs and compete, finally, with larger businesses. After all, local business is what our communities are all about. Thanks Walmart, but we'd rather shop at Joe's Pharmacy and Convenience store for our needs.

Laura Schutz

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