Tuesday, June 12, 2007

BusinessCardContacts.com: An online business community

Last year an idea popped into the heads of the owners of BBG&G Advertising & Public Relations. This idea was BusinessCardContacts.com, a revolutionary new community website where small businesses have their own mini-website and get promoted to consumers at a drastically lower cost than conventional advertising.

Basically, this site is an online business directory for consumers. But unlike simple online directories, BusinessCardContacts.com allows businesses to upload their exact business card, write a description of their company and the products or services they offer, as well as upload everything from radio advertisements to graphics and more. June Bisel, partner and co-founder of BBG&G Advertising sums it up best when she says "It's like having your own website manned 24/7 and promoted the way you'd like to have your own site handled."

I think it's about time that small businesses were able to get their name out there easily and without straining their budgets. Have you seen the profiles of the Green Team and Wolfe Plumbing yet? Go look... you'll be able to see first-hand what exactly BusinessCardContacts.com can do for you.

Here are some interesting statistics as well. Over 70% of consumers research local businesses online and 61% of moms use the internet to find out about new brands and products for their families. So with statistics this high, it's a wonder why a site like BusinessCardContacts.com didn't come around sooner.

Laura Schutz

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